Sentimental Exchanges

Brettani Shannon

Exchanging gifts, favors, date nights and more are great ways to keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship. Whether you are well into your years of marriage or just starting out, it is always a good idea to introduce new ways of showing each other you care and to develop traditions you can look forward to again and again. Let your creative juices flow and see what fun it is to plan for each other and anticipate the surprises your love has in store for you!

Plan a day of pampering for each other

Set the date and then surprise each other with the sweet plans you’ve made. He might want to give you a full body massage, paint your toes, and offer you chocolate-dipped strawberries for you to enjoy while he reads to you. You could surprise him with a shower for two where you exfoliate his body for him, then give him a foot massage, followed by feast of footlong sandwiches and last, but not least, cuddling on the couch with an action flick. Whatever your ideas of pampering each other are, it will be a wonderful day for sure!

Exchange ornaments

Write little notes with reasons why you love them and Mod Podge them to the outside of a plain ball ornament. Let it dry and wrap it up for a gift he’ll cherish every Christmas for years to come.

Plan a perfect date for each other

For this, make sure you have everything planned well in advance, and make sure you have enough time to set up the entire date. When it’s your turn to plan, choose activities that will sweep your love off their feet. Dinner and a movie is nice, but catering your evening (or morning or afternoon) to your partner’s interests is a special way will show you care. It will be great to find out what your love has planned for your date, too!

Write each other love letters

The cornerstone of many engagement and marriage retreats is exchanging love letters. Some have a particular theme, like what your hopes and dreams for your future together are or the things about the other person that you admire. Not only is it great for couples to read the loving thoughts of your partner, but it really helps the writer to take time choosing their words, looking deep and discovering desires and emotions that hide deep in their heart.

Swap favorite dinner nights

Cook him his favorite meal tonight, and have him make yours tomorrow! They can be fancy and served in courses with dessert, served family style, or set up into his dream buffet – tell your partner exactly what you want, and let them do the same.

Compose poetry for each other

Grab a blanket and find a peaceful place in the shade for the two of you to relax and compose poetry! You don’t have to be a poet. They don’t have to rhyme or fit any particular rhythm either. They can be silly or sweet, long or short. Just get creative and have fun! Bring along a finger foods picnic and a bottle of wine to complete the experience.

Commitment Vows

Whatever level of commitment you are at right now (even if you are already married), you can write vows to each other! You don’t have to include “forever” or “’till death do us part” like in wedding vows. This is a creative way to put your feelings for each other into words. You can vow to kiss each other goodnight every night, to say “I love you” every day, to be kind even in confrontation, to write love notes and give gifts just because, to cherish every moment you spend together, to always be honest with them... you get the idea. Use your own personal style to write your vows. Be silly, rhyme, use metaphors - whatever feels right to you.

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