Romantic Love Tokens

Jennifer Good

Can an eraser and a rubber band be considered a romantic gift? If they're given with the right message, you bet. In fact, giving your partner something from the heart can be as simple as giving a few items you probably have in your desk drawer right now. Just attach a note to each item signifying it's importance, and even a toothpick becomes a romantic token of your affection.
The best part about using everyday items is they are easy to find, typically small enough to fit inside a crafted box, and can easily be mailed to a long distance love. Group a few together and you've got an instant Love Survival Kit as well. For more ideas see our list below.
Toothpick: Because I "picked out" the best fish in the sea.
Flower: In the garden of life, friendships are the flowers.
Lifesavers: Because sometimes we all need a little extra help.
Cotton Pad/Ball: To cushion rough roads we may be traveling.
Rubber Band: To remind us to be flexible.
Safety Pin: To bind us together.
Sweet & Sour Candy: To appreciate the yin & yang of our personalities.
Candle: Because you light up my life.
Hugs & Kisses Candy: Everyone could use a little hug and kiss.
Happy Face Sticker: Catch my smile, it's contagious!
Band-Aid: To help sooth hurt feelings.
Eraser: So we start every day with a clean slate.
Tissue: To dry any tears you may have.
Jewel: You are more valuable than a precious stone.
String: I'll be there for you when you're at the end of your rope.
Bubble Gum: Together we can stick through anything.
Lemon Drop: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Mirror: So you can see my most favorite thing in the world.
Popcorn: Because thoughts of you keep popping into my head.
Jolly Rancher: For all the times you make me laugh.
Sweet Escapes: For all the romantic times we spend together.
Nestle Treasures: I treasure you more than anything in the world.
Puzzle Piece: You complete me.
Sugar Packet: Because you are so sweet to me.
Permanent Marker: Because you've left a lasting impression.
Clay: We can mold our relationship to our own perfect ideals.
Match: Because we're the perfect match.
Silk Rose: I'll love you till this rose dies.
Pom Pom: Because you give me the warm fuzzies inside.
Balloon: Because together we can reach for the sky.
Measuring Tape: Because no one can measure the love I have for you.
Lollipop: I want to lick you in all your favorite spots.
Battery: So we can keep going, and going and going all night long.
Candle: The flames of my desire are burning hot.
String: At some point, let's get tied up.
Rubber Band: You'll need to be flexible for all the positions we're going to try.
Dollar: For the striptease I'll be giving you later.
Carefree Gum: Tonight, I'm going to take all your cares away.
Starburst: For when you need that burst of energy for our late night frolicking.
Peppermint Patty: For the cool sensations I'll be bringing you tonight.
Have an idea for another love token? Share it below for others to see!

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