Make Soaps For Your Love

Select your favorite color glycerin only soaps at your grocery store or crafts store.
Use party or holiday molds, plastic trays or containers for this project.Melt the plain glycerin only soap in a small pan at med-low temperture... WATCH: soap should melt without smoking. (Optional: After the soap has melted add two herbal oil drops and a little glitter.)Pour melted soap into your molds (left) and into a flat container pour ~5/8" high.Press your favorite cookie cutters after the soap has just hardened (7-12 minutes). I use a toothpick to test, since the top can deceivably look hardened.Try cutting your own designs with a dinner knife!Release the soaps from the mold as soon as they've hardened.Remove soaps from cookie cutters and lay them on a flat surface until hardened.Enjoy and share different uplifting, energizing and relaxing herb soaps.


  1. I've never actually seen instructions on how to do this. Great job!

    Seems fairly easy too. I'll have to show my sister this blog.

  2. what an interesting post to read, thanks for bringing it up :)