Heart Frame Hanger

Step 1: Get 1 yard of 19 guage steel wire and wire cutters.

Step 2: Select one heart bead and two round beads.

Step 3: Center the heart bead in the middle of the wire and bend (as shown).

Step 4: Bend the wire into a heart shape (as shown) with your fingers. Then, twist four times at the base of the heart.

Step 5: Bend a large "S" loop on each side. And, create three circular spirals and place a round bead on each end (as shown).

Step 6: Place your small picture frame inside the "S" bending the wire loop over the frame width. Press the end loops back into the frame to secure the grip (as shown).

Step 7: One 2" nail will hold your heart hanger and frame (see purple nail shown). Also, try oval and rectanglar shaped frames.


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