Top 10 Places You're Making Love

Jennifer Good

Feel like you and your partner are a little risky or adventurous? The most commonly citied locations where couples say they've been getting it on at are:
  1. In a hot tub
  2. At the office after hours
  3. In a car in the woods
  4. On a trampoline
  5. In an elevator
  6. In the back of a truck outdoors
  7. In a department store fitting room
  8. On a pool table
  9. On the hood of a car
  10. In the shower


  1. Good place: I once grabbed my fiance as she came through my front door, went down on her there against the door then we did it standing up against the door... she then said "I've always fantasized about this and you're the first one to do it".. (!)

    she was worth it: a red-headed, green-eyed rock singer with thousands of fans, and I got to be hers for over a year.. best year of my life!
    ..hugs and kisses.. Jose

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