Flirt Through IM

  • Ask yourself "Do you like the guy?" If the answer is no, then do not continue along with the guide. It will send out the wrong signal.
  • Ask yourself:
    - Is he a slow typer?
    - What is his personality like?
    - Do you know him?
  • Confused about who should start the conversation? Try and take it in turns and remember don't you always start it, and vice versa!
  • Greet the other person.
  • Come up with things to say about your day and how much it sucked or something to see his response. If he responds seemingly interested, flirt a little with him. If he acted like he wasn't interested, then leave him. Flirting will not help.
  • Use different lines. Ask about his day and when something happens go "Awwwwwwww" that sounds really cute and can be interpreted in different ways. it's often just flirty enough. All girls know what to say to flirt a little bit. There are many other things you can do such as "*hugs (persons name)*".
  • Some playful insults always work, don't go too far though, and put a :P face on the end to show you're not serious.
  • Use the winking emoticon when needed ;)
  • Don't copy his sayings! If he says "Heyyyy" or something else, don't adopt it.
  • Make sure you keep the conversation going but, if you always seem to keep it going and he just answers and doesn't think of anything, leave him.
  • Talk about interests, movies, songs, bands, food, anything really and make sure you don't always agree with what he likes.
  • If he asks you about your day, make it interesting. Even if you have to make a little white lie to make it funny/funnier, do it, because guys like girls who make them laugh. Don't go overboard though because he may find out!
  • If he play-insults you then make a shocked or sad face and tell him you expect grovelling or something with a ":P" on the end or a ";)" if you v.confident
  • Don't ask who he fancies. He will tell straight away that you like him.
  • Speak a bit of slang on IM but not too is boring e.g say Yeah instead of Yh...looks better, doesn't it?
  • Emoticons instead of letters look rubbish! Too many emoticons are annoying. It is good to just use the smileys provided on the IM service.
  • Don't waffle on about how ugly you are. He will believe it. Have confidence, but not too much.
  • Make yourself seem fun...but always be yourself. Your best self, of course.
  • Don't be too dumb and don't be too smart. Simple!
  • Compliment the opposite sex by saying things like "cutie" and "sweetie". Guys, when you talk to a girl you like, say things like "hey pretty girl".
  • Avoid awkward pauses in the conversation. If they say something that you don't really care about, but still want to flirt and can't think of what to say, insert an emoticon (i.e. a smiley face).
  • Take advantage of the "goodbye" or "goodnight". It is a very pivotal element of your conversation. It is a great way to leave a lasting impression on the individual in interest. Say things like "sweet dreams" and maybe use their name, like "goodnight, Emily".
  • If the guy isnt into you just yet, take things a bit slower.


  • When trying to flirt on MSN or any other messenger, laugh lightly often (e.g. "haha", "hehe", etc.). It helps conversation and makes him think that you enjoy talking to him.
  • Don't respond seems like you are too desperate! Leave it for a minute or two and then talk, it also lets you think of what to say.
  • Make sure it's not always about you, or it's not always about him.
  • Be honest and non-depressing.
  • Hugs are a very affectionate thing to use almost as powerful as kisses but less provocative which is good for a little flirt.
  • Try to quickly look over what you wrote to avoid spelling/typing errors... You don't want someone to get the wrong message.
  • If you really like the person, and they let you know they're interested, go ahead and drop subtle hints.
  • These tips are appropriate for younger people, but will make you seem ridiculous if you are older than about twenty.
  • If a guy is a slow typer then also type slowly, to see his reaction to everything you say, is his personality shy or extrovert? If it's extrovert then give him very subtle hints only, Do you know the guy? If you know him then flirting on the internet can be a lot harder since you may fear repercussion. If you meet him on a site like MySpace , then be cautious ask him questions and see that he's not a fake.
  • Dont laugh so often, he gets freaked out!
  • Don't be too pushy if he's busy, or just not replying. You don't know what's going on with him.

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